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Bright Eye Designs X New York Times
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Bright Eye Designs X New York Times

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If you would've told this time last year that I would have my own small business featured in the New York Times, I would've thought you were INSANE.
One year ago, I was living in Nashville, TN and just barely getting by. I was working constantly at a company and of course, very underpaid. Honestly, I spent a majority of my time trying to convince myself that I liked living in Nashville. Fake it till you make it, right? My life was VERY different back then.
Bright Eye Designs was created in December of 2019 as a way to express myself creatively. I have always been passionate about art and design, but I had been neglecting this part of my life for quite some time now. 
I began posting illustrations on my IG account and slowly getting commission pieces. I would post maybe once a week, IF that and I didn't dare to post on my stories on that account. This was definitely just a hobby for me at the time. 
Once COVID hit and I was home 24/7, I decided to spend all my free time creating illustrations and building my social media presence on Bright Eye Designs. I went through a shift in April when I decided that I wanted to take Bright Eye seriously and turn this into a business. I began taking on more and more commission pieces which included pet portraits, friend portraits, and wedding/engagement portraits. I made it a goal to post once a day, use hashtags, and really start getting my brand out there. 
One day, I received an email from a freelance writer for the New York Times asking me to answer a few questions regarding my "business" and how COVID19 affecting my customers + products. It's safe to say, I was FREAKING OUT. For one, I barely had an answer to these questions since I was in the very beginning stages of building my business. Secondly, I was stunned that she even found me and wanted to interview this little KY girl with a passion project?! I obviously did my fair share of stalking before responding, but then answered the interview questions to the best of my ability and hoped for the best.
A month or so later, I received word that she had published my interview as part of her article online. Talk about a serotonin boost?! I could not believe it. She also hinted to me that the article might be featured in the actual Sunday Edition of the printed New York Times. And what do you know? An article about my small business and a picture of my illustration was printed in the New York Times.
I literally have butterflies right now from sitting here typing about this! After this moment, I knew I had to continue to give Bright Eye my all. I will forever thankful for this opportunity and for the power of social media! 
You truly never know how much will change in one year. Here's to pursuing your crazy dreams! 
Check out the article below: