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Work From Home Necessities
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Work From Home Necessities

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I am someone who is very influenced by my work environment. In order to have a successful work day, I *need* each of these items to ensure I am productive! 
1. Coffee - I utilize the $8.99 unlimited coffee membership from Panera. Their coffee is delicious and you can't beat the price!
2. Water Bottle - Since I have to have my coffee everyday, I also try to drink as much water as I can to remain properly hydrated. This 32 ounce Hydro Flask with the straw lid really does the trick for me.
3. Claw Clips - I truly cannot get any work done when my hair is down. Anyone else the same way?! These claw clips are a lifesaver.
4. Blue Light Glasses - I spend the day staring at my phone, iPad, and computer so blue light glasses are an absolute must. I don't have headaches at the end of the day anymore thanks to these!
5. A good set of pens - While all of my work in online, there is nothing better than actually writing down information with a nice pen. These specific type are my favorite!
6. Candles - I just feel more put together when I have a candle lit, ya know?
7. Notebooks - I am SO particular about my notebooks, but I finally found a set that I love. These thin notebooks come in a set and are the best to write in! I use them for daily to-do lists, business research, and manifestations. 
8. Slides - Seriously, I live in these slides. They are so comfy and easy to slide on if I need to run a quick errand! Now that it's getting colder out, I wear these with socks around the house. Don't judge me.
What are some of your work from home necessities?